White Cedar Guitar Hanger
White Cedar Guitar Hanger
White Cedar Guitar Hanger
White Cedar Guitar Hanger
White Cedar Guitar Hanger
White Cedar Guitar Hanger
White Cedar Guitar Hanger
Hanger 18

White Cedar Guitar Hanger

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Aesthetic & sturdy modern cedar guitar wall mounts to support your instrument
(and look good while doing it).

- Dimensions -

8.5" Length
5.5" Width
1" depth


- Fits - 

All stringed instruments with a 2" headstock width including:

Standard Guitars

Bass Guitars






- Color Palette -

Cedar, White, and Gray. 

* The natural cedar wood will vary in shade & pattern *


- Installation -

The modern cedar guitar wall mounts come predrilled with two holes (along with two screws & a guitar hanger hook) to adhere to your wall. It is advised to fasten this guitar hanger into a wall stud to provide adequate support for the instrument weight. Click here for additional hanging instructions.  



Disclaimer: Hanger 18 is not responsible for the misuse/use of the guitar hangers.

Our guitar hangers are designed for a quick & easy installation. We know your time is valuable and you’ll only need a few minutes to assemble your new guitar hanger.

  • Step One: Find the stud in your wall. You will find these studs running vertically underneath your drywall – spaced between 16″-24″ apart. Ultimately, this is your golden nugget when it comes to keeping your instrument safe. If you don’t have studs in your wall, or don’t want to hang the guitar in the location of your stud – no problem. Here’s a link to wall anchors that will fit the screws that are provided with your order: Perfectly Fitting Wall Anchors – These wall anchors come with screws, save these for a different project and make sure to use the screws that came with your guitar hanger.
  • Step Two: After finding the stud in your wall (or finding the spot for wall anchors), mark the location you would like to place your hanger. Now it’s time to drill your guitar hanger into the wall! We’ll spare you the details on how to use a drill, but we will link you to a video on how to use wall anchors.
  • Step Three: After you’ve mounted the guitar hanger, it’s time to twist in the black hook that supports the instrument.

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